HUNG PHAT AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2015. Up to now the company has existed and spent more than 7 years in Vietnam market. This leads to the fact that, in order to survive for such a long time, the products we provide must be guaranteed in terms of quality along with the reputation of the company, so it can survive until that time. 

We specialize in providing solutions for measuring temperature and pressure in safe and hazardous areas (requires fire protection). Along with that, bring solutions related to analog signal conversion and ModBus systems that many projects are using today.

One of the great aspirations of HUNG PHAT AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY is to become a “UNICORN” in Vietnam specializing in providing high quality and prestigious products from major European brands.




SENECA has been chosen by many companies specializing in the machining of steel, water treatment, automotive, oil & gas, cement, chemical-pharmaceutical products, metal and mineral extraction as well as data acquisition and process automation. SENECA integrated solutions allow customers to achieve decisive competitive advantages in each sector backed by the highest quality and reliability standards with the best Made in Italy technology.


Founded in 1990, TERMOTECH specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical temperature transducers such as thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Continual research into innovative production techniques and the use of top quality components make TERMOTECH a reliable partner whose products offer the best ratio between price and quality. TERMOTECH’s products are particularly designed for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, automobile and plastic materials industries.



Established in the early 1990’s by the two founding partners, Giulio Buffa and Romano Giacomini, still owners and actively involved in the management of the company, Pixsys is a registered trademark and a manufacturing company, designing and manufacturing instrumentation for process control and industrial automation.


Georgin has two areas of expertise : industrial instrumentation and the interfacing of measurement signals in hazardous area. This is a leading supplier of equipment specializing in pressure sensors, pressure gauges, temperature sensors, temperature gauges, signal converters, pressure switches, differential pressure switches in the oil industry and gas




The roots of our company date back to 1987 when a special group under a housing cooperative came into existence to deal with the development of heat meters for residential buildings. Since then, a wide range of measuring systems and sensors have been developed and manufactured to offer solutions based on measured quantities or measuring principles.